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PC Systems

Every system we sell is built to order using todays most up to date parts. We can supply PC systems, servers, laptops and tablets. Each system is hand delivered and set up free of charge. At the same time we will help with transfering any data over from your existing system. We can also configure your new system onto your existing network, including networked printers and file sharing etc.

Below are examples of our popular specifications.



Office 10

Intel i3 CPU

8Gb DDR4 Memory

256Mb SSD Hard Drive

8x USB Ports

1Gb Netcard

On-board Graphics

Microsoft Windows 11 Home

3 Year on-site warranty

Online Backup

Includes Delivery & Setup


Office 20 

As Office 10 plus :-

Intel i5 Quad Core CPU

16Gb DDR4 Memory

500Mb SSD Hard Drive


Office 50 

As office plus :-

Intel i7 Quad Core CPU



Keyboard & Mouse

24" Monitor 

27" Monitor 

WIFI Enabled 

Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro 

Office 365 

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